Mr. Fixer Upper by Lucy Score

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Mr. Fixer Upper by Lucy ScoreMr. Fixer Upper by Lucy Score
Published by That's What She Said Publishing on July 7th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 424
Format: E-Book
Source: Personal Copy

Gannon King is great with his hands and—if you believe what you read on Twitter—he’s “sex in a toolbelt.” The reality TV star learned his lesson about falling for pretty packages the hard, painful, humiliating way and he’s not making that mistake again.

Sure, “Legs” is gorgeous as hell and smart-mouthed—two of his favorite qualities in a woman. But she’s an icy network kiss-ass. At least, that’s what he thinks until he catches her being human.

Field producer Paige St. James has zero time for temperamental stars, especially Gannon who does his best to get under her skin. She’s got plans to get out of reality TV and do something that matters.

But ratings are king and, when Paige and Gannon’s sparks are captured by cameras, the network smells a time slot victory. After an on-set accident and a vindictive celebrity “girlfriend,” Paige finds her reputation in tatters and her job hanging by a thread.

She never should have trusted him…

But now that he’s gotten those talented hands on her, Gannon’s never letting go.

A favorite author releases a romance novel featuring a reality Home Improvement show!?!  Lucy Score clearly wrote Mr. Fixer Upper for me. As a devout HGTV enthusiast and homeowner with more ambition than common sense, release day had me refreshing Amazon like a woman possessed. (Note to self:  learn to preorder books)

Gannon King and his twin sister, Cat are the network darlings and hosts of Kings of Construction – a home improvement reality show that renovates homes for extraordinary community members (read: Extreme Home Makeover).  Gannon’s fiery temper often flares around field producer Paige St. James, whom he believes is after cheap stunts for high ratings.   In reality, Paige is laser-focused on her career while saving to make a documentary on gender inequality in the entertainment industry.  Eventually realizing that they are on the same side against the network ‘suits’, Gannon acts on his long-suppressed attraction and the pair finds themselves on-air as a very juicy subplot on Kings of Construction.

The Good

It’s all about the characters for me and Gannon’s fiery temper combined with Paige’s icy cool exterior delivered!  Gannon labeled Paige an “ice princess” because she was extremely composed in how she ran the show.  In reality, Paige was warm and compassionate as shown through by her helping the show’s families and championing women’s rights.  Gannon wore his emotions on his sleeve – whether they be happy, angry, or downright lustful.  He’s incredibly unfiltered, honest, and open, making him the perfect complement to Paige’s personality.  I also loved his devotion to his Italian grandmother, Nonni.  She was such a fun and loveable character!

And the miss…

I struggled with the first 15-20% of the book and ultimately didn’t feel 100% invested in Team Paige + Gannon.  They jumped quickly into romance leaving the author telling us they fought a lot instead of witnessing the tension firsthand.  This left me feeling unconvinced they ever truly disliked each other and made their heavily foreshadowed happy ending feel anticlimactic. Ironically though, there are some gut-wrenching scenes regarding Gannon’s fake girlfriend after Paige and Gannon get together and WOW… can Lucy Score write a good fight or what?!

Overall Mr. Fixer Upper netted out to a 3-star book that was just okay for me.  I wasn’t convinced Paige and Gannon disliked each other and this kept me from getting excited about them getting together.  I continue to be a big fan of Lucy Score though and recommend giving Pretend You’re Mine or the Blue Moon series a try!


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