Hi.  I’m Mallory

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my not-so book living husband and favorite fuzzy reading buddy, Sir Isaac Newton the Hound.  When not reading, you can find me tap dancing, brunching, and doing the “workish thing” in process improvement and market research.

SheIsBookish started in 2017 as a way to connect with other Bright, Bold, and Bookish readers.  The Book community is an amazing place and I wanted to create a corner of the Internet to share recent book reviews, figure out this blogging thing, and discuss other fun, exciting, and frustrating bookish topics.

My reading philosophy

  1. Bring on the Happily Ever After:  I always look for an HEA.  Romance is my go-to genre, especially contemporary, historical, new adult, and paranormal.  You’ll occasionally find me reading Urban Fantasy or YA Fantasy.  Gonna be a dark, angsty book that’ll make me cry?  You might not make it off my To-Be-Read list.
  2. Series are Meant to be Binged:  I don’t deal well with cliffhangers.  In fact, I can barely make it through a book without skipping ahead to read the last sentence (JUST IN CASE!).  I prefer to wait until an entire series is published and then read everything at once.
  3. Books are Meant to be Shared:  I love talking about books, but only keep the ones that I really love.  All the other books?  I give them to friends so they can read and enjoy – that way I have MORE friends to talk about these books with.  Plus, don’t you think books get lonely sitting on the shelf waiting to be read?  
  4. Smart Women Read Romance:  Say it Loud and Say it Proud:  “I’m a smart woman and I read Romance Novels.”
  5. My Book Pile Battle is Real:  I know I’m not alone in this.  Like most readers, I’m always thinking about ways to get my out of control Kindle pile somewhat under control (or to at least know what’s on that thing).