Bookish Confession: Giving Up on Your Goodreads Goal

Posted November 15, 2017 by Mallory in Bookish Things / 6 Comments

Okay, let’s face it:  it’s mid-November and I’ve officially called it quits on my 100 book Goodread’s goal for the year.  I’m actually not far off – maybe only about 2 books behind schedule on any given week, but I’m suddenly unmotivated.  So know what I did?

(Oh you so KNEW that one was coming)

I can’t be the only one wanting to throw in the towel on THAT NUMBER.  We’re in the final few weeks of the year and running low on reading energy.  If you’re in the home stretch, KEEP GOING!  I’ll be cheering ‘ya on all the way!  But if you’re like me and tempted to just be done with it, here are a few VERY valid reasons to just say “no”:

  • Sometimes us Bookworms become a tad bit over-obsessed with well, reading, and you forget about other things you ENJOY doing!  Personally, I rediscovered reality TV this year.  The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars?  My Monday nights = gone.  And don’t forget Game of Thrones!

  • Book Blogging takes time and sometimes Blogging about books is just more fun than reading them.  Anyone else get that min-rush from reviewing stats and playing with SEO?  No?  Just me? Go figure.
  • Suddenly, I realized the goal became about the quantity of books read and not the quality.  It’s a slippery slope and it’s easy to feel you’re reading the same book again and again.  And know what?  Hitting those goal numbers are STRESSFUL!  How many of us have pushed through books we’d normally DNF just for that number?  Next year I’m going to focus on VARIETY, not just the BIG NUMBER.
  • Sometimes, you feel like you’ve read all the books.  ‘Nuf said.  (P.S.  How do you super-readers find 200+ books to read a year?  I’m in AWE that you can find so many literary gems)

  • Reading can be lonely.  Blogging helps.  Goodreads helps.  I held steady in the 60ish book range for years and rocketed to 115+ in 2016.  But it was a lonely experience without a lot of people to celebrate it with.  Sometimes you just need something with a little more human interaction.  (Also this year, my dog decided he likes my husband more.  Reading buddy = gone).
  • Somedays, reading just feels like a lot of work.  Always remember this is something you do for FUN and ENJOYMENT!  I started a new job this year that requires me to Human much harder than I used to.  And sometimes reading just felt like another job when I got home in the evenings. PASS!  

So how are you doing with your Goodreads Challenge? Let me know if you’re close so I can cheer you on!  Give up on the goal? Tell me why in the comments below – I’m with you on this one!

6 responses to “Bookish Confession: Giving Up on Your Goodreads Goal

  1. oh yes I am behind on my goodreads challenge, I mean my goal is 300 (last year I did 400) and normally I do that much. But this summer was pretty stressful and I had a constant book slump so I hardly got any reading done. And now I am just trying to catch up and its hard. So I am going to try to make my goal but I think for next year I am just going to set it at 100 (which should be fairly easy for me to do since I normally read a book a day). and just read and see what number I actually get to without having to worry about reaching my goal. Great post darling and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this because we all worry about this.
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    • Mallory

      I just gotta know – how do you find that many books you want to read!?! I can spend HOURS selecting the next book and have lost entire evenings surfing my TBR and then stopping + starting a half a dozen books. (Note how appreciative I am for your reading obsession – you always have great reccos on your site!!!). I’m taking a similar approach to you next year – I’m going to set the goal at 52 (1 book/week) so I know I’ll make it and then NOT get stressed over it. I still want to track how many books I read though because I <3 statistics :) Thanks for stopping by, Renee!!! <3 :)

    • Mallory

      Haha! I hear ya’ – why is so hard to actually record the books on Goodreads!?! I sometimes even double count books by mistake with the different editions. (Though I guess it’s better to be ahead than behind?) 🙂

  2. I totally hit my challenge numbers but I sort of cheat reading picture books with my nephew. #bloggerwinnernomatterwhat (hahhhha just joking, though I do read and count the books with my nephew) I LOVED this post Mallory… even though I hit my number sometimes reading HAS NOT BEEN FUN. And that just ruins reading! So I agree we need to diversify… blog, watch something (for me kdramas!) or spend time with other humans! ♥️

    • Mallory

      Thanks, Dani! And I totally think you should count the books with your nephew – especially if you enjoy them 🙂 Promise I won’t tell the Goodreads Police! #bloggerwinnernomatterwhat may just be my new fave # . Oh the lengths we go to for our sites! (P.S. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!)

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