My 2018 Bookish Resolutions: Why I’m Reading Less

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I love January 1st and all the resolutions this time of year brings.  I’ve seen a lot of posts in the Book Blogging Community about reading and blogging more often in 2018.  But here’s my bookish confession…. I’m resolving to read fewer books in 2018, and I’m not just talking about my Goodreads Goal.

I’m sharing this because there’s nothing wrong with wanting to read fewer books and I suspect I might not be the only one feeling this way. It’s a personal preference – just as there’s no harm in wanting to read more.  Reading less doesn’t mean you love books or your favorite any less – you’re just approaching it in a different way than 2017.

Some people may think this is the most anti-bookish thing ever uttered by a bookworm, but hear me out:  

Reason 1: Time  There are 168 hours in a week. I work 50 of them, sleep another 50, plus 20-ish hours for other adult-ish responsibilities.  I’ve got maybe 48 hours a week for “other stuff” and my time machine is currently broken.  Reading 100+ books, churning out reviews, plus finding time for discussion posts sets me up for failure.  

Reason 2: The Reverse Reading Slump I went into auto-read mode last year, reading the saaame few tropes on repeat (Hello office romances, enemies-to-lovers stories, and just about anything with a second chance!).  Instead of reading nothing because I couldn’t find something interesting, I read the same thing over-and-over again because I didn’t feel like reading something new.

Reason 3: Reading ROI  Reading more books didn’t necessarily correlate with happiness for me.  I read 50-60 book annually for years before skyrocketing to 100+ in 2016 and 2017.  And know what?  I don’t remember being any more or less happy because of how many books I read, which leads me to ….

Reason 4: Energy It is a truth universally acknowledged that one should concentrate on activities that give one energy – not drain it away.  I lost that balance in 2017 thanks to some life uncertainties and need to find new ways to re-energize in 2018, like cooking, landscaping, and working out.


my 2018 bookish resolutions

I’m prioritizing my love of books differently in 2018 to focus on more intentional reading choices and better quality blog content, while still remembering all the other things I love to do. Here’s how this translates to my 2018 resolutions:

  • Read No More than Two Books per Week:  This could still be 104 books in 2018, but this gives me a warning signal that I could be on ‘auto-read mode’ again.  More than two books in a week?  I should probably work on blog posts or spend time with another hobby.
  • Two Reviews per Week – Max:  The need for reviews quite often drives me to read.  So here’s the deal: one review is posted on Wednesday and one review every-other Thursday.  Thursday reviews must be for backlist books…because well, Throwback Thursday.
  • One New Genre/Trope per Month:  I’m reading the same few types of books over-and-over, so I’m picking 12 genres/tropes that I’ve never read before to add variety.  Each month I’ll cross one off my list.  DON’T WORRY – I’ll ask you for ALL the recommendations once I pick the genres.
  • One Discussion Post per Month:  I love the creative energy that discussion posts bring to blogs. I have pages of ideas and a folder of half-drafted posts because I’m distracted by reading and reviewing enough books.  

So there you go!  Four (hopefully) simple bookish resolutions for 2018.  I’ve got a few other things to aim for – like my reading challenges and making sure I cross-post reviews on Goodreads – but these four take priority.  I’d rather do a few things well than do too many things just okay!

Are you resolving to read more or fewer books in 2018? let me know in the comments below!

8 responses to “My 2018 Bookish Resolutions: Why I’m Reading Less

  1. I think there is nothing wrong with reading less books especially if you have a busy life and want to have something more balanced.

    I will probably be cutting back on reaidng but who knows I may end up reading more hehe I just have more stuff I want to do for the blog so I want to slow down a bit with reading. Instead of 5-8 books a week, I plan on reducing it to 4-6 books a week.

    Good luck with your goals here.

    Lover Of Romance recently posted…Throwback Thursday: Historical Romance Edition:My Profile

    • Mallory

      Can’t wait to see what you do with the blog! You have so much great stuff on there already 🙂 I haven’t been in a huge reading mood this week and it’s been great not having “reading pressure” – writing this down was strangely liberating 🙂

  2. That is a GOOD resolution. I think my problem isn’t that I read too many books in a year but that at some point, it just becomes about the number rather than what I am reading. I force too many books on myself in that way and it never bodes well. I just want to take it slow and steady on my own pace. If I don’t want to read a book, that’s FINE. If I do, that’s fine too!

    Good luck with your resolutions!!! Also I need to find what you were reading last year since enemies to lovers is my FAV trope!
    Rashika recently posted…2017 Releases You Shouldn’t Miss Out OnMy Profile

    • Mallory

      Thanks, Rashika! I agree – last year totally felt about the number and not really looking for great books. That’s probably why I don’t feel like I read anything too spectacular last year 🙂

      I’m sure you’ve read The Hating Game if you’re a fan of enemies-to-lovers! I also remember really liking “The Wall of Winnipeg and Me” from 2-3 years ago. Also – i just finished Kim Karr’s The Truth About Love today and LOVED it! It’s a little more subtle on the enemies-to-lovers, but eneded up being a really sweet story 🙂 I should have a review up on Wednesday!

      (And if that review is still missing on Wednesday I’ve already fallen behind on my 2018 resolutions 😛 )

  3. I have cut back my reading goals for the last two years. I was challenging myself to read 200 books, which got to be a strain and I wasn’t enjoying it. I am finding it easier to kick back and relax and enjoy reading instead of feleling like I have inhale books to write reviews. It made me unhappy so I totally see where you are coming from.
    Heidi recently posted…Friday Forecast January 7th-13thMy Profile

    • Mallory

      I think I’d cry if I tried to read 200 books! I only read one book this week and am so happy I slowed down. I agree, just kicking back and reading when I felt like it this week was a great feeling and I think I liked the book I read more because of it 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful post! Honestly, I think we need to back each other for whatever our goals are. It’s commendable to read and do what you feel is necessary in your life! As people say YOLO. Are they saying that anymore? Honestly, I switched over from Creating-Serenity to Ruffdayreviews because I was missing something with my blog and I was not happy for over TWO YEARS! I kept pressuring myself to read more, do more, BE more, when in reality, I wanted to quit. We all have to find what works for us. Some people only read a book a month, and I applaud them just as much as I will you!

    Absolutely love your blog by the way! All those gentlemen on your recent reviews are yummy!

    Christina @ Ruff Day Reviews recently posted…Book Review: How to Hang a Witch by Adriana MatherMy Profile

    • Mallory

      Wait!!! YOLO was a thing? I’m sooo not hip 😛 (And really – how do the kids these days actually keep up with all those acronyms?)

      So glad you’re liking you’re enjoying new blogging adventure 🙂

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