Invasion of the Body Snatchers! 7 Paranormal Characters I’d Swap Places With

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We’re kicking-it old-school horror film style with Invasion of the Body Snatchers!  Why dress-up as your favorite book character when you could just be them instead!? Here are seven favorite Paranormal and Urban Fantasy book characters that I’d “Body Snatch” and trade places with if given the chance:


  • Merit from Chicagoland Vampires series (Chloe Neill):  She’s into Medieval literature, danced ballet, and she wields a katana while enjoying a deep dish pizza.  Basically, Merit is my spirit animal in Vampire form.
  • Harper Wallis from Dark in You series (Suzanne Wright):  Harper is a spunky, tattoo wearing demon from Las Vegas.  I’d swap places with her to hang out in The Underground – the ultimate thrill-seeking demon lair!
  • Elena Deveraux from Guild Hunter series (Nalini Singh):  I’m terrified of heights, but for some reason being a high-flying, crime-fighting angel sounds pretty awesome.
  • Alex Craft from Alex Craft series (Kalayna Pierce):  Not only am I afraid of heights, I’m also afraid of ghosts.  But once again, being a witch who’s friends with Death sounds pretty cool.

  • Dulce O’Neil from Dulce O’Neil series (H.P. Mallory):  Dulce is a fairy police officer who’s also an aspiring romance author.  Sounds fun, right?
  • Cat Crawfield from Night Huntress series (Jeaniene Frost): Outside of just generally swooning whenever Bones is around, I love Kat’s uniqueness as a vampire and really just want to hang with her paranormal crew.
  • Mad Rogan from Hidden Legacy (Ilona Andrews):  Forget Nevada Baylor, I want to be Mad Rogan!  Being able to throw cars around with my telekinetic powers sounds like a wonderful way to blow-off some steam.

Movie Edition Bonus – Louise Miller from Teen Witch:  She’s a teenage witch with great 80’s fashion and one of my favorite Halloween movie characters of all time.  I’d “Body Snatch” with Louise in a heartbeat – plus I could totally rock that side ponytail!

Let me know in the comments!  Which favorite characters would you “Body snatch” with if given the chance?

8 responses to “Invasion of the Body Snatchers! 7 Paranormal Characters I’d Swap Places With

  1. I might have to switch with a girl in one of my favorite romances. My husband has zero romantic abilities so yah.


    Feyre from Court of Thorns and Roses!

    • Mallory

      Oooh!! Feyre would be awesome – especially if you got to go to Velaris (or even the Night Court sounds really cool!

      LOL – I think my love of romance novels have made my husband step-up his game quite a bit. Nothing like some good fictional competition 🙂

    • Mallory

      OMG!! I saw Teen Witch on TV the other day and was blown away. Louise Miller = next year’s Halloween costume inspiration.

    • Mallory

      Every time you mention Sea King I get a little more intrigued 🙂 I just looked-up Kira Brady thinking I’ve read her books before and definitely haven’t – I love Seattle and love Shifter Romances so I might give her a try. (Looks like it’s in at the library too!). Thanks, Renee!

    • Mallory

      Thanks, AJ! I’ve was in quite the paranormal mood last month so kept with the theme for October. Now I can’t figure out what to read in November 🙂

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