Nine Fantasy Realms Worth Escaping To

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You know what month it is?  DECEMBER!  And what does that mean? FANTASY READS!

Perhaps I subconsciously associate surviving the Holiday season with battling dragons, but December has traditionally been a month of favorite fantasy reads.  Last year I binged Ilona Andrew’s Kate Daniels series and the year before that, Sarah J. Mass’ Throne of Glass.  This year I’ve discovered C.L. Wilson’s Weathermages of Mystral and am now eyeing-up Tairen Soul.  So whether you need to escape seriously some snowy weather or need to brush-up on your invisibility powers to escape the Holiday Feast, here are nine seriously great urban and traditional fantasy settings to consider escaping to:


Calberna (The Sea King – Weathermages of Mystral by C.L. Wilson). Calberna is inhabited by a magical clan of seafaring warriors – basically mermaids with legs.  Unlike most fantasy settings I’ve read, Calberna is a matriarchal society with lines of succession passing among the powerful female head of households.  

Lunwyn (Wildest Dreams – Fantasyland #1 by Kristen Ashley).  Lunwyn is as close to Frozen’s Arendale as you can get.  It’s  an idyllic Winter Wonderland, reminding me of Swiss Ski Chalets and Norwegian fjords. I’ve never experienced winter-world setting before and spent the book wanting to explore the little towns and cities via sleigh.

Velaris (A Court of Myst and Fury – A Court of Thornes and Roses #2 by Sarah J. Mass)  A hidden city in the heart of the Night Court also known as the Court of Dreams. The city has a legendary library (complete with a hidden monster in the basement) and flying Illerian warriors.  Also – wouldn’t it be kind of cool to explore a city that no one knew about except those who lived there?


Hogwarts (Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling)  Not much to say here that hasn’t been said before, but 1) moving staircases, 2) picture inhabited by errr… people?, 3) QUIDDITCH!!  There’s probably another five million reasons I like escaping to Hogwarts (and Diagon Alley too!)

The Underground (Burn – Dark in You by Suzanne Wright)  Suzanne Wright created a crazy, over-the-top underground Las Vegas (called “The Underground”), full of thrill-seeking diversions for it’s resident demons.  There is your typical hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls – but also a rodeo, race track, and underground fighting rings.

The Refuge (Archangel’s Kiss – Guild Hunter #2 by Nalini Singh)  The Refuge is the retreat for angles that also houses all angel lore and history.   


The Middle of Nowhere?  (Warprize – Chronicles of the Warlands #1 by Elizabeth Vaughan) The first few books in the series focus on Xlara, a princess given to fierce Fireland warriors as a Warprize.  I loved the nomadic nature of the Firelanders – it’s like Fantasy meets camping!

The Capital (The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins) To be clear, I personally don’t need to spend any time in the arena; however, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in The Capital for a day to see all the over-the-top fashions.

Magic Infested Atlanta (Magic Bites – Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews) Yes it would be quite annoying for your electronics to constantly die because waves of magic took over the city.  However, I do think it would be worth it to check out all the supernatural beings – especially the Vampires and Shifters!

Let me know!  What are some of your favorite Fantasy and Urban Fantasy settings? Any books you’d recommend?

14 responses to “Nine Fantasy Realms Worth Escaping To

    • Mallory

      YES!! I wasn’t super into the idea of Hogwarts until we visited Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure last year. There’s an amazing replica that looks just like the movies… I’m a believer now!

    • Mallory

      Wouldn’t it be awesome if was a real place? (Maybe it is real but the wizards are just really good at hiding it?)

    • Mallory

      I really think I gravitate towards Fantasy in December because of Holiday stress 🙂 Apparently, I find good battle scenes to be therapeutic 🙂 I just “Goodreads-ed” Creatures of Will and Temper – WOW that sounds interesting. Daemons and swordplay in Victorian England? I’d survive two minutes in that world (much safer to just read the book instead) 🙂 Thanks for the recco’!

    • Mallory

      Certainly. I’d last all of two minutes fighting to the death anywhere – visiting The Capital would only be a good idea if I could experience it as a spectator sport 🙂

  1. I adore the Warprize series, so dang good and yeah its like fantasy meets camping in such a fun way. I love the culture there. And I adore the matriarchal society in the Weathermages series by Wilson. Its refreshing to read about males that aren’t afraid of commitment and want marriage more than anything else. So neat.

    Lover Of Romance recently posted…Book Review-Undaunted by Diana PalmerMy Profile

  2. I’ve been seeing C.L. Wilson’s Weathermages of Mystral a lot on people’s lists and it is on my TBR I think so I guess I am going to have to move it up!

    Also love that you said you wouldn’t want to spend any actual time in the arena but were interested in being a fly in The Capital. I forget all the fascinating things that The Capital had to offer because whenever I think of THG, I think of the arena. But you’re right, it would be so fascinating just to observe all the people in The Capital.

    I am trying really hard to think of a fantasy world I’d want to live in and off the top of my head, the world of Ink and Bone sounds really appealing? I mean it’s terrifying but The Library of Alexandria survived the fire in that world and that just makes me really happy. Also the world of The Invisible Library! OMG I GUESS I JUST REALLY LIKE LIBRARIES.
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  3. Thanks for the recommendations, Mallory. Need to check them up. Most of them are new to me. I loved The Others series by Anne Bishop. Have you read it? It’s great. ❤️😁👍🏻

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