Playing the Millionaire by Sandi Lynn

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Playing the Millionaire by Sandi LynnPlaying The Millionaire by Sandi Lynn
on May 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 304
Format: E-Book
Source: Personal Copy

I had six rules I lived by:
1. Know your mark.2. Listen and never look bored.3. Never reveal your true self.4. Never stay in one place too long.5. Exit as smoothly as you entered.6. Never fall in love.
I was a charmer, a seducer, and the woman that men were hungry to get their hands on. Rich men never should have trusted me, but they did. It was stupidity on their part. Things were going well and I was doing what I was supposed to do, until I ripped off the wrong millionaire. A millionaire who came after me with a vengeance. My name is Kate Harper and this is my story.

I was the CEO of Quinn Hotels, one of the largest hotel chains in the world. I met Kate Harper on an airplane back from Seattle to New York. She was captivating and had my attention the moment I laid eyes on her. But she was far from the person she said she was. After parting ways at JFK airport, I discovered she ripped me off. I never thought I’d see her again, but fate stepped in and we crossed paths. This time I wasn’t letting her go until her debt to me was paid. She was every kind of wrong, but that didn’t stop the feelings that emerged while I kept her in my possession. My name is Gabriel Quinn and this is my story.

I was in the mood for something a little off the wall and different from my typical tropes after devouring two fantasy novels …. Boy did I find it with Playing the Millionaire! Our heroine, Kate Harper, is a con artist jumping from sugar daddy to sugar daddy in scoring gifts to liquidate for cash.  Unfortunately, her luck catches up with her when she crosses paths with Gabriel Quinn – the man she hooked up with at an airport and divested of his favorite Rolex.

I really enjoyed the first half of the book. Sandi Lynn stayed away from conventional romance plots and I was torn between rooting for the con artist to find her happily ever after or for her to get her just desserts. This was my second book by the author and I also appreciate her quick and straightforward writing style – the book was a very quick and easy 300 pages.  Despite an intriguing first half, the back half of the book felt rushed and ended very abruptly;  there was a major incident that made Kate and Gabriel question if they could trust each other and the resolution felt too simple and easy for the severity of the situation.  

What I liked the most:

  • The intriguing  Female Con Artist Angle and Kate’s backstory as to what she does with the money.
  • They Guy the guy didn’t trust the Woman. Usually, most romances are the other way around- the guy messes up and must regain the trust of the woman. I liked the role reversal (let’s face it, ladies, we’re not always perfect!)

Where I struggled:

  • Gabriel seemed somewhat unhinged due to awkward scene pacing.  He’d go from bourbon drinking to yelling, to “smashing his mouth” on Kate in the span of a page.  I reread several pages thinking I must have skipped a paragraph as Gabriel jumped from mood to mood.
  • The major conflict was resolved too quickly with too little drama.  I wanted more depth to the situation and disappointed at how quickly and easily the characters resolved their issues.
  • Neither Gabe or Katy are good people – one is a con artist and the other is pretty underhanded in his revenge.  However, their actions were very forgivable to everyone around them. I understand that the ends can justify the means, but shouldn’t there be at least some consequence for their actions?  Shouldn’t they at least have shown some guilt?

Overall, this was just an okay book and I preferred my other Sandi Lynn read, One Night in London much more.  Anyone interested in the Con-Artist trope might also like Laurelin Paige’s First and Last Kiss duet. Both were five star reads for me and two of my favorite reads in 2016!


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