Review: Ashes (Dark in You #3) by Suzanne Wright

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Review:  Ashes (Dark in You #3) by Suzanne WrightAshes (Dark in You, #3) by Suzanne Wright
Series: Dark in You #3
on July 4th, 2017
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 352
Format: E-Book
Source: Personal Copy

Knox and Harper's story continues as the Las Vegas lair - and its two infamous Co-Primes - face their most terrifying enemy yet . . .

Together, Harper and Knox have overcome just about every evil thing you can think of - from Horsemen of the Apocalypse to dark magic practitioners to Lucifer's insistent belief that he's hilarious. They're looking forward to some well-earned downtime - until Harper is attacked by mercenaries in the middle of her tattoo shop. Worse still, the attackers are trying to take her wings - the ones no one is meant to know she even has.

It's a near miss and once a furious Knox has managed to pull his demon back into line there's only one thing clear - someone knows Harper's secrets and is systematically setting out to destroy her. It seems likely that someone is the third Horseman - but how do they know so much about Harper? It seems the impossible might be true - they have an enemy hiding at the very heart of the lair.

To survive Harper will need to embrace power that's darker than she's ever experienced and even Knox can't protect her from everything - though God knows nothing's going to stop him trying. The stakes have never been higher, for if Harper's taken by this new threat, Knox won't be able to stop his demon from taking a vicious pleasure in tearing the world apart . . .

The greatness continues in Ashes, book three of Suzanne Wrights Dark in You series!  Starting mid-series would be difficult, but I highly recommend checking-out this Paranormal Romance series centered on demons living-it-up in a thrill-seeking, underground version of Las Vegas.  Each book focuses on Harper and Knox’s evolving relationship. These two are predestined “anchors” who must pair-up to counter-balance one another’s magical powers.

Where Ashes (Dark in You #3) Takes Us:

Ashes’ plot had several moving pieces that slowly came together, giving the book a mysterious “who done it” vibe. Ashes begins with Harper being attacked in her tattoo shop by hunters trying to steal her sphynx wings – which no one is supposed to know she has!  At the same time, a powerful (and creepy) demon child is discovered living with humans.  Knox and Harper return him to their lair, setting-off another string of mysterious incidents…  

Why I continue to enjoy this series:

  • Harper and Knox Make a Great Team.  Knox remains patient as Harper learns about her evolving powers and responsibilities, despite being the most powerful demon in the world himself. Knox recognizes her unique perspective when working their lair’s demons. He also wants her to maintain her independence (while realizing his protective streak can get a little smothering).  I hate seeing these alpha-male types start acting high-handed with their partners and I’m happy to report Ashes has none of that! 
  • Harper Stands Out as a Unique Heroine:  Maybe it’s because I don’t spend much time in tattoo parlors, but I still find Haper to be a somewhat unique heroine. Plus I’ve never seen a sphynx in an Urban Fantasy before.  She’s smart, fierce, and incredibly impulses.  All of which are traits from her Imp family.  I also like how we see her discomfort at being thrust into the spotlight.  Yes, she’s all tough woman but big crowds slightly unnerves her (always enjoy seeing a character’s “flaws”)
  • I Really Just Love the Setting:  Suzanne Wright created a crazy, over-the-top underground Las Vegas (called “The Underground”), full of thrill-seeking diversions for the demons.  There is your typical hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls – but also a rodeo, race track, and underground fighting rings. Harper’s tattoo shop is now located in the underground, so we see lots more of this fun place!

Where you may struggle:

Honestly, I don’t have many negative things to say about Ashes.  However, I was hesitant to start Ashes after seeing Goodreads reviews stating the book was repetitive and provided too much background from other books.  I thought it was the perfect amount given that it had been a year since I read the last book. However, you may find yourself skimming a few pages here-and-there if you’ve recently binged the entire series.


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