Review: The Room Mate by Kendall Ryan

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Review: The Room Mate by Kendall RyanThe Room Mate by Kendall Ryan
Series: Roommates #1
on January 24th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 316
Format: E-Book
Source: Personal Copy

A new standalone novel from New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan. The last time I saw my best friend's younger brother, he was a geek wearing braces. But when Cannon shows up to crash in my spare room, I get a swift reality check.

Now twenty-four, he's broad shouldered and masculine, and so sinfully sexy, I want to climb him like the jungle gyms we used to enjoy. At six-foot-something with lean muscles hiding under his T-shirt, a deep sexy voice, and full lips that pull into a smirk when he studies me, he's pure temptation.

Fresh out of a messy breakup, he doesn't want any entanglements. But I can resist, right? I'm holding strong until the third night of our new arrangement when we get drunk and he confesses his biggest secret of all: he's cursed when it comes to sex. Apparently he's a god in bed, and women instantly fall in love with him. I'm calling bullshit. In fact, I'm going to prove him wrong, and if I rack up a few much-needed orgasms in the process, all the better.

There's no way I'm going to fall in love with Cannon. But once we start...I realize betting against him may have been the biggest mistake of my life.

The Room Mate by Kendall Ryan was the perfect amount of romantic fluff for a crazy week.  Not too taxing, this book delivered a light, sweet, and steamy take on the roommates to lovers trope.

Soon-to-be Dr. Cannon Roth – a med student on his ON GYN rotation – has sworn to a temporary ban on dating.  His latest one-night stand went a little well crazy and trashed his place after he revealed tthat they were in fact not soul mates. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time he’s fallen victim to the crazy-one-night-stand syndrome.  His landlord decides Cannon is more trouble than he’s worth and promptly evicts him. Now homeless, Cannon finds himself crashing with Paige – his big sister’s best friend – in her tiny 600 square foot duplex.

This was a fairly standard roommate to lovers book.  No real big surprises here, although there was the added complication of Cannon being Paige’s best friend’s little brother. (Read that slowly and I promise it will make sense later).  But the book was well done overall with well written with sweet characters.  

Cannon really carried the book and got the most character-development attention. When I first read the book blurb, I expected a playboy that spent his days at the gym.  Cannon did show some of those womanizing tendencies, but ultimately was a sweet guy with bad taste in women. Despite a serious case of dirty talk and incredibly inflated ego, Cannon still feels like a sweet kid hopelessly in love with his first crush.

Unfortunately, the character development felt one-sided and the heroine, Paige, was just okay. Very pretty and very bored with life, she seemed to have been secretly waiting for something (or someone) better to come along. We didn’t get nearly as much interesting material from her; mostly fretting about her attraction to Cannon and freaking out over disappointing her best friend. Most of the book focused on Cannon’s drive to become a doctor, his problems with women, and his childhood crush on Paige.

Overall I enjoyed this not-overly taxing book. Short and sweet, The Room Mate looks to potentially be the first in a series of standalone romances by Kendall Ryan.  I’d try a few more of her books in the future don’t quite see myself one-clicking-up a storm.


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    • Mallory

      It really wasn’t too terrible, but I guess I was looking for SOME level of personal growth from the heroine. Perfect if you’re in the mood for a quick + light read though!

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