Review: Scotch Queen by Penelope Sky

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Review:  Scotch Queen by Penelope SkyThe Scotch Queen (Volume 2) by Penelope Sky
Series: Scotch #2
on August 15st 2017
Genres: Dark Romance
Pages: 398
Format: E-Book
Source: Personal Copy

I wasn't sure what changed my mind about giving London to Bones, but something did.

Now London is officially mine. She's sassy, feisty, and she still tells me off when I have her under my thumb.

I love it.

Now I have a deal with the Barsetti brothers, Josephine is still pining for me, and revenge is heavy on my mind. I'm not sure what to do with London now that I'm not gonna kill her.

But I'm certainly not going to fall in love with her.

Also in this series: The Scotch King (Scotch #1)
Also by this author: The Scotch King (Scotch #1)

Two Warnings Before Reading Forward:

  • “The Scotch Queen” is the second book in a Trilogy, so unless you want major spoilers – head over to the review of the first book, “The Scotch King.”  
  • Triggers!  Same as “The Scotch King,” there are recurring themes of kidnapping, abuse, and threatened sexual assault

Penelope Sky’s The Scotch Queen begins shortly after the events of The Scotch King.  London is still a prisoner to Crewe and determined to win his heart in order to earn her freedom. Crewe is still, well… Crewe, but he’s showing a much softer side towards London.  London’s brother, Joseph, is still determined to free London and Crewe’s ex-fiancee, Josephine, is still chasing after him.  The plot occasionally disappeared – mostly the book was a lot of really good sex scenes with London trying her hardest to make Crewe love her.

Overall, the book was pretty middle-of-the road.  The first book, The Scotch King was intriguing, but the latest book dragged until closer to the end.  In all fairness, several characters were re-introduced from The Lace and Button’s series – which I hadn’t read and the Scotch Trilogy is a prequel for.  I may have enjoyed this second book more if I had read the subsequent series.

Also, I was somewhat disappointed by how Crew’s character was portrayed. Bad Guy Crewe disappeared and he came off as a nice guy for the entire book.  Readers continued to hear about his ruthless persona from London, but there could have been a bigger emotional impact had we seen him being a baddie instead. (Ideally, I still think the first two books should have been combined)

There were several things I like though…

  • London was boring in a way that made sense – HEAR ME OUT!!!   She had to convince a guy she despised that she loved him by being needy and clingy. So naturally, she was needy and clingy (to a tee!), which read kind of boring and obnoxious at times.  Trust me – it was brilliant!
  • The setting continued to be scrumptious and fabulous.  Granted, they didn’t move the plot along but Tuscan Villas?  Scottish Castles?  Sign-me up!  (Although I wish there would have been more time spent exploring the Italian countryside).
  • Readers learn more about London and Crew’s back-stories. Overall they were quite interesting and Crew’s childhood experiences could lead to some exciting vengeance plots later on.

The Scotch Queen ends with an intense cliff-hanger and despite just feeling just okay about this book, I’m invested enough that I’ll pick-up book three, The Scotch Royals.  


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    • Mallory

      I’ll admit, I read the third book and didn’t even write a review. Just wasn’t working for me. The series actually reminds me of the Meghan March trilogy we’ve both been reading, but enjoying those books much more! 🙂

      (I’m way behind on blog hopping, but thank you as always for stopping-by Renee. Always appreciate your comments!) <3

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