Review: Steal the Light by Lexi Blake

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Review:  Steal the Light by Lexi BlakeSteal the Light (Thieves, #1) by Lexi Blake
Series: Thieves #1
Published by DLZ Entertainment on August 13th 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Pages: 288
Format: E-Book
Source: Personal Copy

When dealing with demons, the devil’s in the details…

Stealing mystical and arcane artifacts is a dangerous business, especially for a human, but Zoey Wharton is an exceptional thief. The trick to staying alive is having friends in all the wrong places. While having a witch and a werewolf on the payroll helps, being partners with a vampire really opens doors.

Zoey and Daniel were childhood sweethearts until a violent car crash took his life and left her shattered. When Daniel returned from the grave as a vampire, his only interest in Zoey was in keeping her safely apart from the secrets of his dark world. He has vowed to protect her, but his heart seems as cold as the night he calls home.

Five years later, a mysterious new client named Lucas Halfer offers Zoey a fortune to steal the Light of Alhorra. The search for the Light leads Zoey into the arms of an earthbound faery prince. Devinshea Quinn sweeps her off her feet, showing her everything the supernatural world has to offer, but Daniel still calls to her heart.

As the true nature of the Light is revealed, Zoey discovers Halfer is a demon and much more than money is at stake. Per her contract, she must give him the Light or spend an eternity in Hell. What’s a girl to do except fight for her soul…and her heart.

Where has this series been and I’m the only one who didn’t know about it until now?!?  Steal the Light,  the first book in Lexi Blakes Theives series was a funny, dangerous, and slightly angsty Urban Fantasy Read.  I was left wanting more (in the best possible way) and I fully intend on devouring the rest of this series as fast as humanly possible.

The daughter of a legendary thief, Zoey Wharton is in the family business of stealing paranormal artifacts.  Merely human herself, she surrounds herself with a werewolf, vampire, and witch to attempt some pretty big heists. Unfortunately, none of her crew can save her after she is tricked by a demon into stealing an ancient magical box – “The Light” – from the Fae.  She’ll make a cool million if she succeeds but forfeits her soul forever if she fails.  Oh –  and did I mention the vampire on her team is actually her undead ex-fiance and she’s trying to move on by dating a Fae Prince?   

The Best Part:

My favorite part of the book was an incredible cast of characters that you can’t help but become emotionally invested in.  Everyone had a slightly different moral compass and sense of humor – and I think we’ll learn there are more to all of these characters than meets the eye in later books. Here is the rundown:  

  • Zoey Wharton: At first, Zoey seemed boring because she’s a human in the midst of super cool paranormals.  All human-ness aside though, she’s funny, quick on her feet, and amazingly loyal to her crew of thieves.
  • Daniel Donovan:  A newly made vampire, Daniel was engaged to Zoey before his untimely passing. Now full of standard vampire angst, he lurks in the shadows helping Zoey from an emotional distance.  
  • Devenshea Quinn:  Dev is an actual Fae Prince and owner of the hottest Paranormal Night Club.  He falls for Zoey pretty hard, but his motives seemed somewhat dubious.  This is a guy to keep an eye on!
  • Neil:  Neill the werewolf needs to be my best friend. Outcast by his pack, he has a taste for the finer things in life. He doesn’t fit the stereotypical alpha-male werewolf mold and has a heartbreaking backstory as to how he found Zoey’s motley crew.

A Note on the World Building:

First, the overall world setting is great. There are many different types of paranormal in this alternative Texas universe: demons, shifters, trolls, vampires, witches, fae….and all the humans have no idea they exist.  

Be warned:  Like many of the first-of-it’s kind Urban Fantasy series, there is a lot of time spent on worldbuilding and describing the laws governing each species.  The descriptions weren’t overly taxing, but occasionally a little distracting or slowed the pace of the book.  However, this leaves room for lots of adventures and political intrigue for the next few books.

Overall I would recommend this book just for the characters alone.  Lexi Blake also has a witty, straightforward writing style that made the book fly by.  Highly recommended for fans of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance!


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  1. Kristen at Metaphors and Moonlight was just talking about how awesome this book is. I am so glad to see you love it, too. The cast of characters and descriptive would building sounds really good. This review is an awesome recommendation. I do love a good vampire tale. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts on this one!
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