Sunday Synopsis #11: The Turkey Hangover

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Linking up to The Sunday Post hosted by Kim at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer – a weekly meme where fellow book lovers post updates on life, blog happenings, and their recent book hauls.  

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a great, long Thanksgiving weekend!   We entertained my family on Thursday for brunch and watching the Macy’s Parade.  The morning was a nice break from Turkey and I loved watching the Broadway previews before the parade – Dear Evan Hansen and the Rockettes were my favorites!  

We skipped the Thanksgiving Eve Shopping + Mall Walking this year for a good bottle of wine and Christmas Movies. I didn’t realize Netflix was making Christmas movies now – has anyone else watched A Christmas Prince?  It’s a very Hallmark-esque movie about a journalist who goes undercover as a tutor in a royal palace.  Still not sure what I feel about it!

The rest of the long weekend was spent at my in-law’s farm.  We had beautiful 60-degree weather (usually we have snow by now!) and spent the day playing football and hiking with the dogs.  My husband convinced me to climb the 100-foot grain bins – have I mentioned I’m TERRIFIED of heights!?!  No idea what I was thinking, I couldn’t even let go of the rail to snap a pic (see below for pictures of my family convincing me I wasn’t going to die).  At least I hit my bravery-quota for the year!

Lately on the Blog:

Dashing-through-the-snow for Thanksgiving festivities had me taking a mini-break from blogging. However, I did get some much needed reading in as I was completely out of books for review!  


Read this Week:

My subconscious was acting-up overtime!  Anyone else feels the need for some good dragon-slaying, warrior-woman fantasy as they prep for the holiday season?  (No?  Just me?)  I also wrapped Hooking Up, a great contemporary romance by Helena Hunting that’s perfect if you’re looking to escape somewhere warm and sunny for a few hours.


New to the Bookish Library:

Like I mentioned, I was in the mood for some good battle scenes heading into the Holiday Season, but need to start looking for some Holiday books for this year.  I love seeing all the good holiday recommendations floating around the blogosphere 🙂  


13 responses to “Sunday Synopsis #11: The Turkey Hangover

    • Mallory

      Thanks, Renee! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. Just started The Sea King last night – hope it’s as good as The Winter King!

    • Mallory

      I didn’t know about the Netflix movie either until I saw a bunch of tweets on Twitter 🙂 It was a pretty cute movie – good for it you hit the “off cycle” on the Hallmark Channels. So difficult when you turn that TV on at the half hour!

  1. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! I love watching the parade. Brunch sounds like a nice way to do it. And I didn’t know Netflix was doing Christmas movies, that’s kinda cool. It is a fun way to get into the season.

    Nice job with the grain bins! 🙂
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    • Mallory

      Thanks, Greg – If I never climb a grain bin again it will be too soon 😉 I’m a huge fan of Thanksgiving brunch after this year. No more waking up at 5am to get a Turkey ready! (which I probably won’t do a great job of cooking anyways)

  2. Where did you guys eat brunch? Macy’s Parade! That sounds awesome. I’ve never seen it personally. I’m so glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Coming up Christmas! And with Christmas next month, of course Netflix would already have Christmas movies XD

    • Mallory

      We actually just did brunch at home with an egg bake, fruit, and then had all the fixin’s for a waffle bar. The family just served themselves during the parade breaks and then we sat down for Pumpkin pie once it was all done! Highly recommend checking out the parade sometime – the floats are larger than life and there’s always fun performers on TV 🙂

    • Mallory

      I glad I climbed those buggers, but never again! Always a lot of fun and adventure on the farm… just think I’m going to keep my feet on the ground next time 🙂

    • Mallory

      Haha!! Finally, someone who understands what its like to be terrified of heights! I mean… what if the railing had collapsed or I tripped!?! Glad I did it…. but never again!

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