Sunday Synopsis #3: Back in Action!

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Linking up to The Sunday Post hosted by Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer – a weekly meme where fellow book lovers post updates on life, blog happenings, and their recent book hauls.  

It feels so long since I’ve been blogging (or reading)!!!  I missed last week’s weekly wrap-up as I was enjoying some vacation time in Napa, so you get a 2-for-1 update this week.  Napa, California was amazing – my girlfriends and I had a blast driving around, tasting wine, and eating some delicious food.  We spent some time poolside, but I found myself more inclined to nap than to read – this is the first vacation I can remember where I didn’t finish a book. I even tried a mud bath …. I’m not sure if I’d recommend sitting in a giant tub of mud to everyone, but it was quite the adventure!


The last week of summer marks the Minnesota State Fair – one of the largest in the country.  My mom came into town for this year’s festivities and we spent most of the day walking around in the rain seeing the animals, people watching, and eating all the food on-a-stick that we could find.  Our favorite foods this year were the blue cheese corn fritters, chocolate chip cookie dough beer, and of course – cheese curds!  My husband also won a giant, four foot stuffed dog at a carnival game;  our real-life dog is less than enthused about his new pack mate and I have no idea where we’re supposed to put this thing!


Lately on the Blog

I’ve been having fun and working diligently to start writing content other than reviews.  Check out the latest on the blog!


New to the Bookish Library

I’ve been in a reading slump and was looking for something outside of my comfort zone and exciting for vacation.  Inge at The Belgian Reviewer recommended Caroline Mitchell in the Suspense/Thriller genre:


Read this Week

Not a lot!  I was shocked that I didn’t read anything on vacation.  I made it about 60 pages in on a kindle-freebie book on the flight home but decided to ‘DNF’ if for something more exciting. I’m getting back into the reading-swing this week and just finished a sweet contemporary romance earlier this afternoon:


5 responses to “Sunday Synopsis #3: Back in Action!

    • Mallory

      Lol – thanks, Jen. I was hoping the little dog would try to attack the big dog so it could go the way of the dumpster, but Big Dog seems to have taken permanent residence in the guest room. How would you like that staring at you while you tried to sleep? 😉

    • Mallory

      No Cheese Curds!?!? They are a must if you ever get to the Midwest! All that deep fried cheesy goodness… I’ve been in withdrawals all afternoon 🙂

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